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Jedi Heroes FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Category: Main -> [JH] Rules and Ranks



What are the ranks in [JH]?

Leader: The "L34dz0r" is Pal* and he owns you so live with it!

Jedi Council Leader: This person is a little weird...

Jedi Council: Longtime and very trusted members. These are sometimes server admims as well.

Members: JK2 players that we have recruited into JH.

Note: Ranks are not worn on game.

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What are the rules of being in [JH]?

The Rules are:

No laming other members.

Always get along with other members.

No Multi-Claning.

Wear the [JH] Tag and have it in correct colors (yellow and red or red and yellow).

Be loyal to the clan.

No excessive trash talk on game.

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Is there any other "stuff" that I should be aware of?

Yes! For example, members who have been in JH longer than you have seniority.

In other words, if you are new and you cause trouble, you go BYEBYE!

Also, we won't give any "JIRKS" a second chance, if you are gone you stay gone! >8(

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