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Jedi Heroes FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

Category: Main -> JK2 Technical questions or problems



What version of JK2 do you play ?

We only play JK2 version 1.02 because it's what we started on and we feel its the most fun by far. If you do not have this early version, you cannot play on servers with us. In other words, if you are able to play on JH LostLake, you have the correct version.

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I lost my JK2 1.02 CD or I only have 1.03 or 1.04. What can I do ?

If you still have the game installed all you need is a no CD patch Just put it in your gamedata (not base) folder and double click it to run JK2. Then wait about 20 seconds before joining or making a server.

If you want 1.02 of JK2 then just delete all assets in your base other then 1, 0 and 7. Then replace your JK2mp.exe in your gamedata folder with the jk2mp.exe with the 1.02 version.

You can find the no cd patch and the needed files to Downgrade to 1.02 on our download page.

If don't have JK2 installed and can't find a CD etc, then just buy JK2 1.04. Steam has it for 10 dollars or less. Then you can easily change it to 1.02!!

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How do I get download maps, skins etc to work or how do I find my JK2 base folder ?

If you downloaded a skin or map and the filename ends in a .zip then right click and unzip it and you will see a .pk3 file, this is what goes in your JK2 base folder.

To find the JK2 base folder.

#1: Right Click on the "Start" icon in the lower right corner of your screen.

#2: Click "Explore" and then click local disk C: or whatever drive you installed JK2 on.

#3: Double click on "program files" If that is where your JK2 was installed to. Some people just have it under C: drive.

#4: Find the Lucasarts Folder and click it. Then click "Star Wars JK II Jedi Outcast"

#5: Right Click on the "Gamedata" folder and scroll down and click "Create Shortcut"

#6: Drag the newly made shortcut icon to gamedata onto your desktop.

If you want to access your Base folder just click on that shortcut and then click base and you will see files called assets1 and 0 etc. The base folder is where you put all downloaded maps, skins, saber mods etc.

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Why does my JK2 sometimes lock up or crash when I press tab or get killed ?

Most likely some moron is crashing your JK2 on purpose. Go to the Download page and download assets7 and put it in your base to prevent this.

Note: We always kick such morons off of the server or maybe even IP BAN them.

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When I try to play JK2 MP it starts to load up and then gets an error in the console and shuts down. What is causing that ?

This is often caused by having a new CPU and/or a new computer which doesn't get along good with 1.02 JK2.

How to fix this if its being caused by that CPU thing:

#1: Go to your jk2mp.exe

#2: Right click it and then click "properties" at the bottom

#3: Click the "Compatibility" tab

#4 Check the box that says "Run this program in Compatibility mode" and select Windows 98 from the dropdown box.

#5: Click "Apply" and "Ok"

#6: Reboot PC and try running JK2MP again and see if it works.


At least on Windows 7, I've also seen the need to disable full system DEP versus just excluding JK2.

Also, if you use Windows 7, setting to XP2 compatibility mode also works.

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How is 1.02 of Jedi Outcast different from 1.04?

On 1.02:

Fully Pivot DFA's and Backstabs,

Alot less saber blocking.

Only have to click jump once to forward flipkick.

Blue uppercut can be done in air (If you do it while falling from a high place you will slowly glide down!)

Push and Pull can knock you over if moving near someone even if you have the same push/pull rank so push and pull is more of an art.

No modded servers etc.

Alot of other cool glitches!

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(From a submitted question) How do I make a cheat server?

Type devmap "mapname" in the server console or "rcon devmap "mapname" on game. Example: rcon devmap ffa_bespin will give you bespin with cheats.

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(From a submitted question) How can I change colour of my name on JK2?

First go to where you make your player name (Press ESC, then click "player")

Before you type your name, hold down SHIFT and then press 6. Then type another number to get a certain color.

For example, hold down SHIFT and press 6. Now let go of SHIFT and press 4.
You will have a blue name!

Note: Always let go of SHIFT before typing the 2nd number, except when I tell you not to.

Color codes.

SHIFT 6 and then 0 = Black. Note: Shows as pink when you press tab, only works in certain modified servers (yes, it'll work on ours).

SHIFT 6 and then 1 = Red

SHIFT 6 and then 3 = Yellow

SHIFT 6 and then 4 = Blue

SHIFT 6 and then 5 = Aqua

SHIFT 6 and then 7 = White

Colors that are made a bit differently.

SHIFT 6 and then 7 = Pink.
Keep holding down SHIFT when you press the 7

SHIFT 6 and then 8 = Green.
Keep holding SHIFT when you press 8

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(From a submitted question) I've put on the conversion file of 1.04 to 1.02 and deleted assets 0 and 5 like my friend told me, but now my Jedi Knight isn't working.

You need to KEEP assets1 and 0. Only delete 2 and 5 or JK2 won't work.

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How can I keep my server from being crashed?

Use these mods:

And a big thanks to their authors!

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How can I keep my JK2 from sometimes locking up when I try to exit a server?

Instead of clicking go to Main Menu, open the console (shift and ~) and type disco and press enter to disconnect.

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How can I contact yous guys?

My email is takethat (at)

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Why do I get a max shader message in the console when on downloaded maps or can't see textures of my character?

This happens from having a lot of maps and downloaded extras in your base folder. Take a bunch of them out and put them in a safe place, then restart JK2 and you should be fine.

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Why cant I join JH lost world...? It gets stuck in the screen of waiting...

Might have been off at the moment. But this server might not be up much longer in the future as we already have 2 others.

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